Thursday, June 9, 2016

Things to Know About Christian Dream Interpretation

Dreams have always been an important aspect of the Christian religion and in the Bible. They are God’s way of communicating with us. It is the spiritual mission of David E. Taylor, a prophet of God, to help you interpret these dreams. However, it is important to remember some things when using Christian dream interpretation.
The People in Your Dreams Can be a Representation of the Types of People
If you dream about the same person, it could mean that they are representing a certain type or class of people. God will use these people to direct you to those who need your help, minister, or spiritual support.
Analyze Your Emotions
The way you feel immediately after waking up from a Christian dream can help you interpret it. Decipher your emotion or emotions and think why you felt this way. It is also important to think about why God made you feel this way. What is it that He is calling you to do? What does He need from you?

For more help or any questions on Christian dream interpretation, visit to fill out a form. As a true prophet with a close relationship with God, David E. Taylor is here to help you. 


  1. You should be ashamed of yourself trying to trick people with your lies. David E Tayler is not a "prophet" and has had no special contact with any God or gods. All religions including Christianity are man made. Stop contributing to driving humanity backwards. You know in your heart that your main focus here is to get people to send you money. That's the bottom line. I am sure David wants another jet, or Bentley. I saw the deposition. Do the world a favor and take this sight down. And stop asking people for money!

    1. Thank you! I watched his deposition on youtube and found it quite hilarious, almost as funny as his healing powers from god. Just shows how f....en insane people are, I was born into a Christian family went to Sunday school, church, was confirmed and all that bs. But I've been an atheist since I was 12,because to believe a book written by man that has no proof, more contradictions than a hillary Clinton speech, and can be proven wrong in a thousand different ways is just plain insane and holds back society from progressing.I could go on for a whole book but I'll just leave it at that...."all of these religions I'm glad I found one, all of these beliefs and mines the right one" "you have a right to be believe whatever want, I have a right to find it hilarious"

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    3. I learned a lot about Christian Dream Interpretation!

  2. God bless this sight and this ministry to continue to spread the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.