Thursday, June 9, 2016

David E. Taylor’s Miracle Crusade

David E. Taylor has walked with the Lord for many years and He taught and trained him in the miracle healing ministry. Because David E. Taylor was given this gift from God, he wants to spread it as far as he can. Therefore, in these modern times, he turned to the most effective source for communicating with the world; media. David E. Taylor has been blessed with personal one on one contact with God and as a result, he is a reputable source for all Christian teachings.
Because of this gift, David E. Taylor began his miracle crusade as a means to reach out to the entire world. With a multi-million dollar television studio and center for production, it is David E. Taylor’s hope that the entire world can witness the divine miracles of Jesus. By using the most popular source for spreading news, especially the Good News, David E. Taylor wants everyone to know who Christ is. As his prophet, David E. Taylor understands God’s message. He can help you with Christian dream in
terpretation, God’s way of communicating His message to us.

To learn more about Christian dream interpretation or how you can help with the miracle crusade, give us a call at 1(877)843-4567, today. 

Things to Know About Christian Dream Interpretation

Dreams have always been an important aspect of the Christian religion and in the Bible. They are God’s way of communicating with us. It is the spiritual mission of David E. Taylor, a prophet of God, to help you interpret these dreams. However, it is important to remember some things when using Christian dream interpretation.
The People in Your Dreams Can be a Representation of the Types of People
If you dream about the same person, it could mean that they are representing a certain type or class of people. God will use these people to direct you to those who need your help, minister, or spiritual support.
Analyze Your Emotions
The way you feel immediately after waking up from a Christian dream can help you interpret it. Decipher your emotion or emotions and think why you felt this way. It is also important to think about why God made you feel this way. What is it that He is calling you to do? What does He need from you?

For more help or any questions on Christian dream interpretation, visit to fill out a form. As a true prophet with a close relationship with God, David E. Taylor is here to help you.